Let us help you preserve your natural beauty and
emphasise your personality
Beauty Shock
Hardware cosmetology studio
Let us help you preserve your natural beauty and emphasise your personality
hardware anti-cellulite massage
full package of 10 procedures, 1 procedure - 40 min
helps to get rid of cellulite, remove excess water and make the skin smooth and even
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body lifting (3 areas)
full package of 10 procedures, 1 procedure - 45 min
non-surgical full body rejuvenation: myostimulation of 2 thighs (e.g. inner and back thighs) + buttocks or abdomen (optional)
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microcurrent therapy
full package of 10 procedures, 1 procedure - 25 min
natural rejuvenation without surgery or injections
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face lifting
full package of 10 procedures, 1 procedure - 25 min
an effective non-surgical procedure for facelift by means of electric current pulses
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Our services

We support our clients' natural beauty
clients with the physiological effects of
currents of various amplitudes


We use very real physical techniques - low-power currents of different amplitudes and frequencies with various beneficial effects, as well as instrumental massage.
Мы фокусируемся на небольшом
количестве методов, которые проверены
временем, гарантированно эффективны и безопасны.
The ultimate goal of rejuvenation
is to increase the firmness of the skin
and muscle tone - this applies to both the face and the body.
The ultimate aim of rejuvenation is to increase skin firmness and muscle tone - this applies to both face and body.

We focus on a small number of methods that are time-tested, guaranteed to be effective and safe.

Our narrow specialisation allows us to guarantee results for every client.

Beauty shock
cosmetology of the future

Beauty Shock's mission is to make people happy by bringing back beauty and health through unlocking the natural potential of the cell.

Many people simply do not know that it is possible to rejuvenate the face and body with gentle physiological methods that preserve a person's individual beauty and features. Our goal is to show that biological age is not related to passport age and to change people's perceptions about the effectiveness of soft rejuvenation methods.

We believe that Beauty Shock is the cosmetology of the future and this is why:
A new age is a time of individuality.

How this manifests itself in the beauty sector: natural beauty is growing in popularity.
Beauty Shock
A little slice of the working day at Beauty Shock

There was a time when society imposed its own standards of beauty, and everyone tried to conform to these standards. Now, people are tired of artificial faces created by filters and social media masks. Tired of one-size-fits-all faces stamped by cosmetologists. There is a growing demand for real, lifelike faces that can express a whole range of emotions.

Beauty shock treatments use physiological currents of various amplitudes and help to maintain a youthful and fresh face without affecting facial expressions or changing facial expression. The body treatments also restore firmness and slenderness to the body without surgery and accelerate transformation, even in those who exercise.

Our advantages

We work hard to make our customers' lives happier

  • Our focus is not just on your body, but also on your soul: we have created a space full of positive energy. We delight ourselves and lift your spirits!

  • We love what we do and the best reward for us is your great results and happy faces!

  • We use only safe and time tested methods

  • We keep your individual features in mind

  • Our procedures are pleasant and painless, the intensity is up to you

  • We know how to slow down the aging process and rejuvenate your appearance a few years back

  • The results of our treatments come so gently and naturally that they are often compared to magic!

  • Our staff members work in beauty shock for love - they all share our values and goals, together we are not just a team, but a big friendly family!

  • We make the world a happier place by connecting every person to his or her own beauty!

Our team

The most experienced staff work daily in our studios to provide the best service and make our clients happy
  • Annie
    Beauty services operator
  • Amme
    Beauty services operator
  • Mook
    Beauty services operator
  • Tar
    Beauty services operator
Founder of Hardware cosmetology studio
Hello everyone!
My name is Ekaterina Basalaeva. I am the founder and owner of Beauty Shock studios.
I lived in St. Petersburg before moving to Thailand and after finishing my residency in psychiatry I left medicine to work as a medical representative for a large western pharmaceutical company.
I moved to Thailand in 2012 with no specific goals or plans for my future. The only thing I knew for sure was that I didn't want to move my old lifestyle to Thailand. I wanted my own business, but didn't know what it was and I wanted my decision to do it from my heart rather than my mind. At this point I relaxed and gave myself time to rest and figure out my future path.
It took almost a year since I moved here before I realized what I wanted to do: I wanted to help women fight cellulite. My education suddenly came in handy!
The positive feedback gave me a burst of energy, happiness and the desire to develop and bring even more benefits. This is how the idea of spreading services and scaling up my business was born
How Beauty Shock was created
I thought that I had
8 years of my life
on medical education
because not all of
my colleagues
in the pharmaceutical
business had a medical background.
I thought that I had wasted 8 years of my life on medical education because not all of my colleagues in the pharmaceutical business had a medical background.
I chose methods that were completely safe and time-tested. And having a diploma helped me gain the trust of my first visitors. Then came the first successful results, the first positive feedbacks and client references. New services, including facials, were added at the request of clients.
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+66 62 878 7000 Koh Samui
Koh Samui
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