Body lifting

Full body rejuvenation and non-surgical lifting

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Body lifting

Electromyostimulation was developed as a way of muscle recovery during rehabilitation of astronauts and bed-ridden patients who have to be immobile for long periods of time.

In cosmetology, it is used for rejuvenation and

non-surgical lifting.

About procedure

Apart from strengthening muscles, the myostimulation treatment also helps to
  • Improvement of capillary circulation
  • Promotes metabolism
  • Accelerates lymphatic outflow
  • Removal of excess fluids, waste products and toxins
  • Local lipolysis (dissolution of fat in fat cells)
  • Increases skin tone
Duration: 45 minutes

Discount from 40% off when buying a course of 10 procedures
A course of 10-15 procedures is required for a long-lasting effect
2nd option - myostimulation of 4 thigh surfaces (i.e. all of them) + belly + buttocks - 1000 THB

1 option - myostimulation of 2 thigh surfaces (for example inner and back) + buttocks or stomach (optional) - 700 THB
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