Anti-cellulite massage

Help smooth out cellulite tighten and firm the skin

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Anti-cellulite massage

The latest scientific knowledge shows that the cause of cellulite is not only a local increase in the number of fat cells and disturbance of microcirculation in the adipose tissue, but also the destruction of the collagen fibers that keep the fat tissue in an even layer.

Destroyed collagen fibers become unable to retain the fat cells. As a result, they begin to stick out, turning the firm skin of the legs into "orange peel".

Cellulite-damaged fat cells stop secreting their metabolites and redouble their energy accumulating fat and sucking up everything they can - fluids, toxins, and other harmful substances. Cells get fatter

This can happen not only with an excess of fatty tissue, but also with the smallest amount of it. It's not always the case that cellulite coexists with obesity; thin girls often get cellulite.

Hardware anti-cellulite massage
Procedure for cellulite removal and skin smoothing

About procedure

  • The device stimulates fibroblasts to synthesise collagen fibres in deep layers of the skin. This massage pleasantly and painlessly smoothes out the accumulation of skin cells, improves microcirculation, enhances lymphatic drainage and restores your skin's density, firmness and beauty.
Duration: 40 minutes - 800 THB
Duration: 60 minutes - 1200 THB

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a course of 10 procedures
A course of 10 procedures is required for a long-lasting effect
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