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Let us help you preserve your natural beauty and
emphasise your personality
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Hardware anti-cellulite massage
-50% on the first procedure only
until 31.12
-10% on a course of procedures
till 31.12
Hardware anti-cellulite massage
-50% on the first procedure only until 31.12
Face lifting
-10% on a course of procedures
till 31.12
Face lifting
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Face and body procedures

We support our clients' natural beauty
clients with the physiological effects of
currents of various amplitudes
Who the procedures are suitable for
If you are concerned about the problems listed below, then you are definitely in the right place!
  • Problems with sagging facial skin
    Nasolabial folds, sagging cheeks and the hated double chin
  • Problems with facial wrinkles
    Wrinkles around the eyes, neck and décolletage, creases on the forehead and bridge of the nose
  • Problems with facial swelling and bruising
    Swelling of the face and bruises under the eyes
  • Problems with body skin conditions
    Cellulite and loose skin, fat traps on the sides, under the shoulder blades and under the breasts, postpartum recovery
  • Problems with tightening and strengthening muscles and the body
    Sagging buttocks and thighs, weak abs and diastasis problems
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What you will get

We work hard to make our customers' lives happier

  • Special attention not only to your body, but also to your soul: we have created a space filled with positive energy. We lift your spirits and make you feel good about yourself!

  • Great results, happy smiles and glowing eyes are the best rewards for us, because we love what we do!

  • The safest and most time-tested methods to improve your body and skin

  • Accentuate and retain your individual features

  • You can adjust the intensity of the treatment yourself, as our treatments are pleasant and painless

  • Slow down the ageing process and rejuvenate your appearance a few years back

  • The results of our treatments come so gently and naturally that they are often compared to magic!

  • Our staff members work in beauty shock for love - they all share our values and goals, together we are not just a team, but a big friendly family!

  • Become much happier and connect with your own beauty

About us

We use very real physical techniques - low-power currents of different amplitudes and frequencies with various beneficial effects, as well as instrumental massage.
Мы фокусируемся на небольшом
количестве методов, которые проверены
временем, гарантированно эффективны и безопасны.
The ultimate goal of rejuvenation
is to increase the firmness of the skin
and muscle tone - this applies to both the face and the body.
The ultimate aim of rejuvenation is to increase skin firmness and muscle tone - this applies to both face and body.

We focus on a small number of methods that are time-tested, guaranteed to be effective and safe.

Our narrow specialisation allows us to guarantee results for every client.

Our team

The most experienced staff work daily in our studios to provide the best service and make our clients happy
  • Nudee
  • Pui
    Beauty services operator
  • Gift
    Beauty services operator
  • Nack
    Beauty services operator
Our contacts
+66 62 878 7000 Koh Samui
+66 94 578 6495 Phuket
Koh Samui
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